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is the latest casualty and the phone hacking scandal. a news international ceo rebecca brooks resigned. one of the most prominent victims so far. tina caution has more. >> reporter: rupert murdoch's reef british executive -- chief british executive is calling it quits. the former "news of the world" editor was detracting attention as the media giant weathers the phone hacking scandal. british politics say it's time for -- politicians say it's time for him to apologize to the thousands of people hacked. >> i hope next tuesday he starts taking some responsibility for what happened in his organization. >> reporter: a parliamentary panel will grill rupert murdoch, his son james and rebecca brooks. brooks faced another committee back in 2003 and admitted giving bribes to cops to dig up stories. >> we have paid the police for information in the past. >> reporter: but now rupert murdoch can't seem to keep himself off the front page. murdoch will use the hearing to challenge what he calls total lies about his media empire. he told one of his own papers, the "wall street journal" that news corps bo
was asked whether he had discussed with rebekah brooks murdoch's now withdrawn $12 billion bid to acquire the mighty british sky broadcasting satellite system. rebekah brooks was murdoch's chief person and the editor at the news of the world in a, quote unquote, personal friend of the prime minister. >> that is why rebekah brooks was quite able to say at the house of commons yesterday that there wasn't a single conversation that coul taken place in front of the select committee. >> question. is cameron insulated by the fact that rupert murdoch and rebekah brooks were also extremely close to the labor party's prime minister, gordon brown? >> no. >> no. >> no. >> especially because gordon brown has come out and said that his medical records were hacked into for a young son with cystic fibrosis. besides, this linked account are the ones that are occurring right now. cameron is acting as though his government could fall. he called for a very strong investigation. i think he will probably eat pie, but he's on very shaky ground. >> let put -- >> my thoughts, please. he's in a coalition governme
. i'm brooke anderson. >> and i'm kevin frazier. >> we have breaking news from orlando. >> casey's courthouse makeover. >> she let her hair down, a woman that looks happy, like she's ready to get back to life as she knew it. >> she was maria von trapp and now she's sophia loren. >> i think juror number 3's views are consistent with the other jurors. >> did thjose baez go after barbara walters? >> it's very possible now this girl becomes a millionaire. >> casey anthony, brothers menendez. these are all very significant trials. >> the cases that captivated our nation, the inside back story. >> the menendez mug shots. where are they now? >> inside kate and william's tour. plus, the report card. >> a new york housewife bankrupt and sent packing by her ex, a billionaire j.p. morgan heir? >> to have my home at risk is scary. >> plus, the billion-dollar l.a. dodgers split. >> celebrity coast to coast divorces. >> most people think this is the most expensive divorce in california history. >> and could maria shriver reveal all in a new bombshell book? >> hollywood, kennedy family, scandal
profile people would be dragged in and down. rebekah brooks, the former murdock editor and british ceo, has now been bailed of a her ter arrest yesterday. she spent several hours answering questions at a police station. there are two criminal inquiries now gearing up, one into phone hacking at murdock papers and the other into alleged police corruption. both are making serious waves. >> i have informed the palace, home secretary and the mayor of my intention to resign as commissioner. >> reporter: sir paul stevenson, the chief of london's 30,000 strong police force, stepped down yesterday. not because he personally did anything wrong, but it was on his watch that a murdock newspaper editor since arrested in the hacking scandal was hired as a pr consultant to the police. in just 24 hours from now, rupert murdock himself and his son, james and executive and the family media empire will be grilled by parliamentarians and asked what they did or did not know about dirty tricks of their papers. all of britain will be watching and so will investors around the world. >> he's the man of the mom
coulson in connection with the scandal, also his connection with rebekah brooks. >> he is a neighbor, a friend, but i deemed the relationship to be wholly appropriate. >> reporter: in her own interrogation, tuesday brooks admitted something went wrong at the tabloid and described allegations into hacking into murder victims phones as pretty horrific. the prime minister cut short a trip to africa for his emergency meeting at parliament to stand the growing criticism about his relationship with the murdoch empire. >> that you have had frequent meetings with prime ministers in your career. in the period after your arrest -- >> i would say leave me alone. >> reporter: during three hours of testimony murdoch apologized for the role his employees played but said he's not responsible for what he called the fiasco over the hacking. >> who is responsible? >> the people i trusted to run it and the people they trusted. >> reporter: murdoch says he has no plans to step down from his multibillion-dollar empire. this is the most serious political crisis of the prime minister's 15-month career. the
's former british ceo rebecca brooks will likely face punishing questions from lawmakers when they appear before parliament tuesday. brooks was arrested over the weekend and released on bail. she spent hours answering questions about what she knew about hacking while she was in charge. >> she is not guilty of any criminal offense. >> reporter: police have arrested 10 people in connection with the investigation but no one has been charged with a crime yet. tina krause, cbs news, london. >> still to come on 9news now at noonl this be the week that the stalemate over the budge set finally resolved? we'll tell you about the latest developments. >>> plus, they can see where they've been, but not where they're going. we'll tell you why these people are running backwards. >>> a vote to raise the government's borrowing power is scheduled for tomorrow in the house of representatives. the tea party proposal would let the government raise the debt limit if it approves a constitutional amendment requiring a billioned budget. danielle nottingham has more. >> reporter: the august 2nd deadline to raise
. >> reporter: british police want rebecca brooks to tell them what she knows. the former chief executive of news international was arrested when she went to the police station for a planned appointment. she was to appear before parliament on tuesday. some question the timing of the arrest. >> i really feel this inhibits the hearing. >> reporter: another unexpected twist was hours after her arrest. the london chief of police resigned over questions on how the department has investigated the case and his links to a key figure in the scandal. >> i, and the people who know me, know my integrity is completely intact. >> reporter: there's police describes, and hacking voice mails of celebrities, politicians, and murder victims. there's an inquiry whether journalists tryied to hack the phones of the 9/11 victims. >> there's questions if the news practice has been corrupted by rupert and his corporation. they tried to break the law to report the story. >> reporter: direct apology from rupert murdoch ran throughout the weekend. it said directly we are sorry. >> brooks was released on bail, and sh
stunning developments, rebekah brooks the former editor was arrested and head of london's police force resigned. liz butt armer in london -- liz butt palmer -- elizabeth in palmer has the answer. >> reporter: she went to answer questions and when she arrived she was arrested. anything she tells detectives now will become a formal part of the criminal inquiry into phone hacking and bribery at the news of the world. brooks' arrest came as a surprise. this was a shock. >> i informed the palace, the secretary and the mayor as my intention to resign as comirgs of public service. >> reporter: the head of london's police force resigned. not because police personally suspected of wrongdoing but it was on his watch that the former news of the world editor neal wallis was you a rested in connection with it. when this exploded two weeks ago nobody dreamed how many powerful people will be dragged in and down. in the u.s., less -- les hinton resigned on friday. he may fay questions about what he knew in britain in 2007. then there are the murdochs themselves, rupert, the tycoon head of news throu
of the world editor rebecca brooks will testify before parliament sometime next week about what they knew about the alleged crimes. >>> here is a deal we could buy into. a brand-new ipad for $69. that was the offer on the sears website yesterday afternoon. the deal went viral as people started telling their friends about it on twitter and facebook. but as it turns out the price was a big mistake. sears apologized. says they will not honor the discounted price. >> you've got to be kidding me? the ipad ii normally retails for about $750. >>> harry potter's final installment of the series earned $92 million on its opening day. that makes it the biggest premier of any film in history. box office trackers projecting the movie will also break the opening weekend record currently held by "the dark knight." >> that's it. it is over. can you believe it? >> finally comes to a close. >> we have got some hot, even dangerous weather headed our way? >> dangerous weather. heat index values through the middle and end of next week could hit the 100 teens in some locations. it will be intensely hot as we get to
't you fill us in. >> reporter: we hopped off 270 off middle brook road and that was about six miles out of the scene. at that point, traffic was really starting to slow down. you mentioned moments ago, lesli, terrible timing. you don't want 270 ever shut down, let alone rush hour. so 270 was starting to back up and we're now traveling north on frederick road, starting to see a slowdown here as well. as you had mentioned, the evacuations are underway. everyone is safe as we're told so far, however, as we understand it, this gas main is a major concern for rescue crews in the area so they are clearing folks from their neighborhood and homes. we do understand that a construction crew severed that six-much gas main -- six-inch gas main. they are shutting down that road, clarksburg road east and westbound between 3:55 and -- 355 and wayland, route 207 at 120, also shut down. so it will be a commutedders heading home -- commuters. i guess the good news, police and fire crews are trying to get this under control. we're gonna continue to chug our way through -- cluck our way through traffic. >>
. >> reporter: rebekah brooks had willingly made an appointment to go to the police station to answer questions when she arrived, she was arrested. anything she tells detectives now will become a formal part of the criminal inquiry into phone hacking and bribery of the "news of the world." brooks' arrest came as a surprise, but this was a shock. >> i have this afternoon informed the palace, secretary and the mayor of my intention to resign as commissioner of the metropolitan police service. >> reporter: the power of head of listen done's police force resigned, not because he's personally suspected of wrongdoing but it was on his watch that the former "news of the editor" neil wallace as hired as a pr consultant to the police. he's been arrested in connection with hacking. when this scandal exploded two weeks ago no one dreamed how many powerful people would be dragged in and down. in the u.s., les hinton, head of dow jones and publisher of the "wall street journal" resigned on friday. he may face further questions about what he knew as a top murdoch executive in britain in 2007. and then there
case has left the pond. rebekah brooks has resigned in the wake of the growing phone hacking scandal as the fbi looks into allegations murdoch's employees tried to hack into the phones of 9/11 victims back in the states. all of that "early" this friday morning july 15th, 2011. captioning funded by cbs >> good morning, a beautiful start to the friday, july 15th in new york. i'm chris wragge. >> i'm erica hill. a lot to talk to you about with the budget crisis, not the only one in washington. minnesota managed to resolve their issue last night. a small sigh of relief for folks there. as we mentioned this happened in week two of a statewide shutdown. you see a diner there in st. paul, the uptown diner. we'll speak with some folks at the diner who are fed up not just with their state government but also with washington. we'll see if they have some ideas for the lawmakers trying to come to some sort of consensus. >>> also rocket roger clemens, hall of -- may be hall of famer, he gets a walk at this point for the famous pitcher, he walks away from his federal perjury trial after a mistrial
brought you in march. curt brooks was headed home from work one night when he appeared a drunken driver on i- 95. so curt did what he does best, he videotaped it. andrea mckaren was in stafford county court where all of this played out with finality today. >> yes, it did. one of our colleagues part of a news story. it turned out his video tape proved critical to the conviction. >> okay, he is about ready to head on collision. oh my god. >> the video is heart stopping and in a courtroom today, a judge watched the tape showing the alleged driver nearly causing a head on collision. >> he almost did. >> it was very compelling. it was clear that this is not just somebody weaving down the road. he almost killed somebody. >> curt brooks had followed the driver more than 25 miles and led police to their suspect. with his dash board camera rolling, curt captured the near head on collision and the suspect nearly running him off the road. we sped up the video so you can see what the judge saw. the driver straddling the center line and swerving on to the shoulder. >> they looked at the initi
, rebecca brooks, now runs his u.k. operations and has refused to resign. she's also a close friend and supporter of prime minister david cameron who condemned the intrusion. the "news of the world" says it will conduct its o internal inquiry into the hacking but rebecca brooks will head the investigation. in other words, she'll be investigating herself. the police inquiry is continuing as well and scotland yard says there are more bombshell revelations to come. >> pelley: mark, do we know who started this hacking to begin with? >> it was a private investigator who was working for the "news of the world." he appears to have developed the system for hacking into the accounts but then various reporters-- many of them-- this was a long standing practice appeared to have done the reporting and the ferreting out of information that's appeared in the papers. >> pelley: thank you, mark. this story is amazing. a court case in southern india has led to an astounding discovery. a spectacular treasure inside a 500-year-old hindu temple. a local activist has accused administrators of the temple
by rupert international. its editor rebecca brooks runs international operations and refused to resign. the news will conduct its own internal inquiring into the hacking but rebecca brooks will head the investigation, in other words, investigating herself. the police inquiry and scotland yard said there be more bombshell investigations to come. >> we'll stay on top of that story for you. >>> straight ahead your wednesday morning weather and in sports the mets shows sparkling defense at dodger's stadium and some power, too. you know what this is, cartwright? yes. nicorette mini. you carry them around everywhere. yes i do, because cravings are everywhere. would you take a craving for me, cartwright? how would i -- exactly. [ male announcer ] nicorette mini goes wherever you go, to help make quitting suck less. [ male announcer ] nicorette mini goes wherever you go, meet beth, nursery school teacher. lights, camera, activia it's the best job in the world. my students are amazing. but to be there for them, you've gotta feel your best. kids can tell. that's why i love eating activia every d
sexually abused a 4-year-old girl at the chester brook academy in leesburg. the day care said child protective services later notified them that the case had been closed the claims unfounded. so the day care reinstated minor. turns out the police were still very much investigating him. >> we had no idea they were sending a letter to close the case out. >> if you had known that, would someone from the department have called child protective services? >> absolutely, we would have told them hey the case is still own. >> in fact the police later did file charges and unfortunately worse from here. minor now cases even more charges -- faces even more charges all involving yet another 4-year-old girl at chester brook academy. child protective services are not comment and loudoun county chairman scott york will get to the bottom of this. >>> tonight montgomery county police are pushing hard to catch a murder suspect who's been out there for almost a year now. his name tyshaun jones and he's wanted for the murder of julian kelly. he was shot in silver spring and now police believe jones is b
to resign. >> reporter: british police want rebecca brooks to tell them what she knows about the phone hacking scandal surrounding the murdock empire. the former chief executive of news international was arrested when she went to the police station for a planned appointment scheduled to appear before parliament on tuesday. some questioned the timing of the arrest. >> i really do feel that it will inhibits the hearing. >> reporter: another unexpected twist came hours after her arrest. the london chief of police resigned over questions on how the department has investigated the case and his links to a key figure in the scandal. a former news of the world executive editor. >> i and the people who know me know that my integrity is completely in tact. >> reporter: the scandal surrounding murdock's media empire includes police bribes and hacking voice mails of celebrities, politicians and murder victims. here in the united states the fbi has opened an inquiry on weather journalists working for murdock tried to hack the phones of 9/11 victims. >> there are questions about whether the foreign
their journalists tapped into voice mails and regularly paid off police. so will former british ceo rebekah brooks who police are already investigating. the controversy has forced the head of scotland yard and his deputy to resign over their alleged links to a former murdoch executive. the scandal has reached the highest levels of the british government, with opposition leaders saying the prime minister himself has questions to answer about his close ties to the murdoch empire. >> but at the moment, he seems unable to provide the leadership the country needs. >> reporter: rebekah brooks is a friend and a neighbor to the prime minister. the pair have met repeatedly since cameron took office 14 months ago. the prime minister cut short a trip to africa and called for an emergency session of parliament. in a further twist to the scandal, police found one of the first whistleblowers about hacking dead in his home. police are calling sean hoare's death unexplained, but not suspicious. now the murdochs have been coached by the best pr company in the land. not just on what to say, but how to say it. this
in news today. >> reporter: after the murdochs the former british ceo rebekah brooks will face the committee. brooks as editor of the "news of the world" newspaper when the hacking was taking place was a hands-on manager. >> rebekah brooks knows where all the bodies are buried. she knows the rights and wrongs of all these questions, she knows who knew what about what payments when. she knows everything. >> reporter: however, brooks may not say very much today, because she was arrested over the weekend. and though out on bail now will be acutely aware she's involved in a criminal inquiry. in spite of the murdochs' frantic attempt sometimes over the last couple of weeks to control the damage from this scandal, it's already wiped nearly a billion dollars off the value of the family holdings. rebecca? >> such a good point. cbs' elizabeth palmer in london. liz, thank you. and joining us now is legal crisis manager lanny davis, who was special counselor to president bill clinton in the white house. great to have you with us, lanny. >> thank you. >> when you look at this situation, bl
cameras, then smiled for the cameras as he went out for dinner with rebekah brooks his embattled ceo. the scandal has cost him one of his most profitable papers. staff leaving "news of the world" for the last time put a brave face on the murdoch decision to shut it down. the "news of the world" was the best selling newspaper in britain, a cheeky blend of skin, scandal and gotcha journalism, for people who loved seeing the rich and powerful taken down a rich or two, but not families touched by grief. the "news of the world" is under police investigation for hacking into voice mails belonging to relatives of fallen soldiers and a murdered teenager. journalists also hacked into the phones of celebrities who found out and sued. it was james, rupert murdoch's son and heir apparent who authorized a reported million-dollar out of court settlement to at least one of the hacking victims. this week, he admitted it was a mistake. >> i acted on the advice of executives and lawyers within complete investigation and that's a matter of real regret for me. >> reporter: in fact it raises dangerous qu
. >> at the center of the controversy is rebecca brooks who headed up the tabloid newspaper for years. she's now in charge of murdock's british news corporation. the paper is already taking a hit. several companies have pulled their ads. charlie d'agata, cbs news, london. >>> police have already begun to look into evidence the newspaper paid off officers in return for information. >>> anny hong is in for howard bernstein. she's up with the forecast next. >> hey, andrea. we've got some light rain and some -- a couple of thunderstorms going through the area. first, here is a look at your allergy report. the pollens are low but the mold still medium. i'll let you know how long the summer-like pattern sticks around. >>> rising waters are complicatingerts to clean up an oil spill in the yellowstone river. federal officials say it took exxon mobil nearly twice as long to seal the pipeline as they publicly reported. teps of gallons of crude oil that seeped into the water way in montana. exxon mobil is promising to do whatever is necessary to clean up the mess. >>> the crowds have come back to ocean cit
faced a mob of reporters easy met with his embattled ceo, rebecca brooks, in london. british police will question her later this week about the phone hacking cover-up that happened on her watch. cameras caught murdock reading sunday's final edition of the news of the world. the paper ended a 168-year run after news broke that journalists were hacking the phones of murder and terrorism victims for stories. >> there will have to be some kind of massive, massive clearout of the stables really. it just looks terrible. >> reporter: london's "daily mirror" tabloid is hitting murdock with more claims of corruption involving 9-11 victims. the paper quotes an ex-new york city cop saying news of the world reporters offered to pay him for phone records of the dead. the phone hacking scandal boiled over last week with a case of milly dowler, a british team murdered in 2002. her parents met with britain's deputy prime minister monday. police say journalists from "news of the world" hacked the victim's voice mail and deleted some messages, giving her parents false hope she was alive. authorities
in a minute. >>> new developments today in the phone hacking scanneddal in britain. rebecca brooks was arrested today on suspicion of phone hacking an bribing police. just hours later britain's senior police commissioner quit because of his link to a former editor of the tabloids. nine other people have been arrested in connection with this investigation. several former reporter and editors for the tabloid and a former communications director. >> i have this afternoon informed the palace, the secretary and mayor of my intention to resign of commissioner of metropolitan police service. i have made this decision as a consequence of the ongoing speculation and allegations related to the links to news corp. and in particular in relation to mr. neil wallace who was arrested last week. >> the scanneddal has also reached the u.s. shores. british papers are reporting today that jude law claims his phone was hacked while the actor was in new york. on thursday the fbi announced it opened its own investigation into allegations that rupert murdoch's news corporation tried to hack into the phon
-bye. [ captions by: caption weekend's top story. i'm kevin frasier. >> and i'm brooke anderson. j.lo before her mark anthony split. jenny, the idol judge. >> there is so many singers overnight in this business. >> then -- >> the best in our back story series, the stars in
if you see him. >>> and also, brooke ashley olup was last seen at her home on july 8th. charles county detectives believe she may have left willingly with a 19-year-old friend. if you know anything about this, contact the charles county sheriff's office. >>> in fairfax county, 38 vandals -- cars vandalized on one -- in one night. fairfax county police are still looking for the vandals. damage is estimated to be almost $800,000. lesly? all right. thank you for the update. >>> coming up -- astronauts aboard "atlantis" got some good news about their final spacewalk. we'll have the details. >>> a limited time offer from the government could help save your mom but you have to act fast to apply. it's a $50,000 forgivable bridge program to help you pay your mortgage, tax and insurance bills for two years. you have to be unemployed or underemployed due to a job loss or serious illness. you have to apply by july 22nd. that's next thursday. if you live in maryland, virginia or west virginia, you are eligible. go to or call 855-346-3445. you will find all of this information, plu
to former murdoch ceo rebecca brooks. >> i've never held a slumber party or seen her in her pajamas. >> but the prime minister may be losing sleep as the scandal exposes links between his own government, powerful media, and the police. charlie d'agata, cbs news, london. >>> parliament members delayed starting their summer break today in order to deal with that scandal. >>> we have an update now on that pedicab story we told you about earlier this week. we said that pedicabs are not allowed on the national mall. and now we're told that pedicabs are not regulated on the mall. but they're not against the rules. >>> coming up, howard and the hot forecast. >> j.c., very steamy already heat index values have risen into the 90s. we're getting closer to 90 with the actual thermometer. your allergy outlook came in. talking triple digit heat when 9news now at noon returns. >>> the snake head fish is on the move in the mid-atlantic. the invasive species was discovered in the potomac river about seven years ago. now, researchers found snake heads in waterways that feed into the chesapeake bay.
themselves and lying to lawmakers is a crime in itself. former news of the world editor rebecca brooks, will also take the hot seat and choose her words carefully. she's already under police investigation. >> absolutely no reason -- >> reporter: a separate committee grilled the former chief of police who resigned because of allegations police took bribes from murdoch reporters. he revealed 10 of the 45 press officers in his department used to work for murdoch's "news of the world" tabloid. charlie d'agata, london. >>> british police are still waiting for autopsy results on the news of the world whistle blower found dead in his home yesterday. authorities say sean horr's death is unexplained but not suspicious. and moments ago at the hearing, a protestor rushed at rupert murdoch from the gallery. murdoch's wife jumped to defend her husband. the hearing was abruptly halted and what happened is still being sorted out. we do know a man has been detained and he reportedly had some sort of white foam on his face. we'll bring you more information when we get it. >>> some big names are lining
as we highlight this week's stars. >> i'm brooke anderson. mtv turns 30 years old on monday. three decades of musical influence. sn" "i want my mtv" by dire straits. mtv was really the first to make reality tv a staple. >> and nobody benefited more from the reality ride than jessica simpson. her show "newlyweds" made the marginally known star a name. >> jessica simpson was born july 10 in abilene, texas. like many stars, jessica simpson started singing in a backstage choir. she then had her first hit. >> right now i'm completely on cloud 9. i love life. >> she went on tour with 98 degrees where she and nick lachey started a romance. >> they married in 2002 and in 2003 we saw that mtv show "newlyweds" with nick and jessica. who can forget that famous is it fish or is it chicken scene? >> i know it's fish but is it chicken by the sea? >> that piece was so talked about. >> after her reality show, she really wanted to get into acting, so she was cast as daisy duke in the movie. she has had some high-profile ro man mances since her divorce. she dated tony romo. >> what went wrong? >> yo
, and news corps's ceo rebecca brooks next week. tina crouse, cbs news, london. >>> murdoch is still leaving the door open to purchase b sky b, saying news corp reserves the right for a bid in the future. >>> coming up, annie has the forecast. >> we've got some clouds moving in. i'll talk about the storm chances for us today, before we get some real relief in the weather. but first, here's your allergy report, where the grass pollens are still moderate and the mold also in the moderate range. 9news is next with your forecast! >>> the owner of a restaurant near harrisburg, pennsylvania is taking heat over his decision to ban children under the age of six. the ban goes into effect this saturday. the owner of mcdain's restaurant says he came up with the idea because he got tired of rowdy children. well, the decision is not sitting well with some. >> i think that's crazy. it's -- actually discrimination, because there's a lot of families that might want to go there to eat with children. >> i just don't think it's acceptable. i don't think it's good for business. >> i think it's terrible. i don't
brooks is also being called to testify. >>> the obama administration is speaking out against congressional efforts to restrict certain funding in dc. yesterday the white house released a statement opposing a bill that pulls funding for the city's needle exchange program and abortion for poor women. the administration says that if passed, the legislation would undermine the city's home rule. it also noted that such funding is allowed in other cities. >>> the son of dc council member marion barry says that he will speak publicly after his next court appearance. christopher barry is charged with drug possession. the charges stem from a domestic dispute complaint back in may. court documents show that the 31-year-old was allegedly found near a table with five bags of marijuana and a vile of pcp. police say that barry jumped out a window and tried to run away before he was arrested. christopher barry is due back in court on july 27th. >>> it seems there was nothing unusual about the dc police escort for actor charlie sheen. that according to a report from the district's inspector
, rebecca brooks. she was arrested over the weekend in all of this. also scheduled to testify, owner rupert murdoch and son, james. >>> the former south african president turned 93 today. president obama calls mandella a beacon. >> hot today, but what you're telling us, anny, it's nothing compared to what is coming. >> it may feel like 115 by the end of the week. we have been warning you that models are still holding true and they are saying it's going to be really hot. crazy hot by the latter half of the week. here's a look at our current conditions right now where temperatures are in the upper 80s in arlington. downtown is 91. college park 91. we are starting to cool off a little bit here. sterling, you're coming in at 90. and reston, 86 degrees. here's a look at doppler radar. we is have a cold front coming through. along it, firing off showers and thunderstorms in pennsylvania. that is left heading to the south later tonight, overnight, and really into tomorrow. so, muggy and cloudy tonight. showers and storms for tuesday, they will be scattered around the entire area. grab your umbre
photographer, curt brooks, followed the driver more than 25 miles and led police to their suspect. with his dash board camera rolling, curt captured the near head on collision and the suspect nearly running him off the road. the judge sentenced lee to a 60 day jail sentence with all but five days suspended. he was fined $300 and will have his license suspended for a year. >>> much of our nation in the grip of a sweltering heat wave tonight. roads are starting to buckle over in iowa and minnesota after days of these extreme conditions. the temperatures have topped 90 from oklahoma to chicago for days now and now that system is coming our way. anny hong is in for topper shutt. how bad should we expect it to get? >> triple digits in the next couple of days. first, we'll talk about storms. we did have severe thunderstorm warnings for frederick and loudoun county. we are seeing decent storms around our area. south of us, where you can see around clinton, charleston, looking at storms. out towards the eastern shore, we have severe thunderstorm warnings for caroline county and also talbot county.
. embattled news corp. executive rebecca brooks resigned. brooks led the british arm of news corp. and she was the editor of news of the world. that paper folded this month after it was revealed they hacked into the cell phones of murder victims, soldiers killed in action and the victims of 9/11. news corp. also said this morning it will offer a formal apology for its actions, congress is now considering an investigation here in the u.s.. >>> at 6:04, we have a commuter alert and a makeover on the way for route 1 in maryland. the maryland highway authority has secured $8.8 million, that money will go to redesign a mile and a half stretch through college park and make the road more pedestrian friendly. now plans have been in the works since 1998. final approval is seen as a formality. >>> and a heads-up for mote reriders this weekend, the orange line is going to be split in two. that means no service between east falls church and west falls church. it starlets tonight -- starts tonight and goes through sunday. free shuttles will get you around the gap. >>> while you slept, harry potter fans
on their baby's illness was rebecca brooks. at the time the editor of the sun newspaper, she's now rupert murdoch's british ceo and is herself being questioned by police. john yates, the officer you saw earlier on in my report, has just told the committee that he's 99% sure his phone was hacked, which shows that police investigating the news of the world were themselves not immune. chris? >> i'll tell you, this story grows more and more every day. cbs' elizabeth palmer for us in london. elizabeth, thank you very much. >>> like i said, there's so much more to talk about. we're joined now by steve hewlett who is a media analyst in london for us. good to have you here with us this morning. according to elizabeth's report there are claims the former prime minister gordon brown, the queen both victims of this hacking and rupert murdoch's newspapers. what's the latest on both sides of this story? >> it's going from bad to worse. in fairness, the latest revolution about gordon brown are not hacking, which is about accessing -- illegally accessing voice mailboxes on mobile phones. this is a resul
, rupert murdoch plowed through, all smiles, to have dinners with his embattled ceo rebekah brooks. she'll be questioned by police later this week. there is a scramble inside murdoch's media empire to control toxic fallout from the "news of the world" hacking scandal which could start waves in the u.s. >> there are waves of could it have happened here? there are locks of reporters at any given time on the ground in the u.s., many stories, many of its celebrity stories are datelined here. >> reporter: the scandal broke last week with the case of milly dowler, a teenager murdered in 2002. her parents and thousands of others discovered that personal voice messages had been hacked by "news of the world" journalists hunting for stories. in 2007 a secret internal investigation at murdoch's uk company is reported to have found hard evidence of widespread illegal activity. the question now is, who knew what when? les hinton is currently the ceo of dow jones and pun lish of the "wall street journal" both owned by murdoch. he may have seen that report and rupert murdoch's son james who sits on ne
police. so farrah beck ca brooks, a former editor turned senior executive, hasn't been investigated, even though she told a parliamentary committee that... >> we have paid the police for information in the past. >> reporter: now public opinion has turned sharply against the paper's owner, rupert murdoch, one of the world's most powerful media tycoons. he bought "the news of the world" back in 1969 and made it the cornerstone of an empire that now includes fox news and the "wall street journal." simon hoggart is a columnist for "the guardian." his newspaper has been investigating the scandal for years, and he says murdoch is facing an enormous backlash. >> now it's just loathing for the guy. >> reporter: the murdochs moved fast to close down "the news of the world" this week, but it's much easier to stop the presses than to repair a reputation tainted by lying and deceit. authorities announced a short time ago that they now arrested a third person in this scandal, a 63-year-old man, although we don't know yet who he is. and rupert murdoch himself is flying into london tomorrow from the u.s
of the world" shut down. murdoch's top managers including british ceo rebekah brooks and his son, james, face questions now from investigators about what they knew and when. elizabeth palmer, cbs news, london. >>> just ahead on the "morning news" how beer could solve the government shutdown. >>> plus the fear, the crowd, the doubledating. fleas and ticks, not only kills it repels most ticks before they can attach and snack on us. frontline plus kills but doesn't repel. any tick that isn't repelled or killed may attach and make a meal of us. [ male announcer ] ask your veterinarian about k9 advantix ii. a network of possibilities. in here, the planned combination of at&t and t-mobile would deliver our next generation mobile broadband experience to 55 million more americans, many in small towns and rural communities, giving them a new choice. we'll deliver better service, with thousands of new cell sites... for greater access to all the things you want, whenever you want them. it's the at&t network... and what's possible in here is almost impossible to say. it's the at&t network... >>> i possib
down. murdoch's top manager includes british c.e.o. rebecca brooks and his son james face questions from investigators about what they knew and when. in the u.s. where rupert murdoch has his corporate headquarters, three u.s. senators now are asking the american attorney general to look into whether or not the company might have been breaking the law, especially with these allegations of police payoffs. >> a lot of people are asking how could the u.s. congress call for something like that over a law that may have been broken overseas. >> reporter: there's a piece of federal legislation, the foreign corrupt practice act that outlaws brainry by american corporations no matter where the world they are operating. >> i see. thank you very much. coming up, a big setback today for libyan rebels. our mark philips is on the front lines. women's pro soccer, the biggest goal, survival. and how the space shuttle helped us see the universe as we have never seen it before. when the "cbs evening news" continues. [ woman ] we take it a day at a time. that's how it is with alzheimer's disease. she n
by a 9news now photographer. our own kurt brooks was out headed home late from work where he spotted what appeared to be a drunk driver out on i95. not only did he videotape the erratic behavior, kurt followed him for 25 miles until the cops could make an arrest. well, today he pled guilty to dwi and kurt's video was shown in court. >> and it was very compelling. it was clear that this was not just somebody weaving down the road. he almost killed somebody. >> lee registered a blood alcohol content of .14. that is nearly twice the legal limit. the judge sentenced lee to 60 days in jail but suspended all by five days of that. he was also fined 300 bucks and he'll have his license suspended for one year with the exception for driving to work. >>> dc's office of campaign finances investigating contributions spent to the campaign of mayor vincent gray. the washington post said he collected cash con tri buings that went -- contributions that went over the $25 legal limit and then hid the activity. here is mayor gray on that. >> well, first of all, we never authorized any of that. the people eng
. the murdochs wrnl the only ones who testified today. rebekah brooks was editor of the "news of the world" when the phone hacking first took place. she admitted that mistakes were made but said her company acted properly and quickly. she resigned last week as head of newscorp's british newspapers. back in this country where the clock is now winding down toward a possible government default, the house of representatives spent most of the day debating a republican plan to cut trillions of dollars from the federal budget. there is only one problem-- all sides concede that even if the bill did pass the senate, too-- and that's a long shot-- it faces a certain presidential veto and will never become law. so why do that when time is short? here is congressional correspondent nancy cordes. >> reporter: the house republicans latest salvo in the high-stakes debt ceiling standoff was met with democratic derision. >> i'll bet you cash money that it ain't gonna become the law. >> reporter: conservatives call the bill they're voting on tonight cut, cap, and balance because it cuts spending this year and the
to close down operations. yet today, owner rupert murdoch expressed "total support for rebekah brooks," the embattled executive who formerly edited the paper. south sudan became the newest nation trying to become the u.n.'s 193rd member following civil wars that left an estimated 1.5 million dead. holding most of the nation's oil reserve, continued tensions in the former sudan. dignitaries at the ceremonies were colin powell and u.n. envoy susan rice. a federal judge in new york city heard arguments in a lawsuit that challenges search procedures at the u.s. border. at issue the privacy of personal electronic devices and the plaintiff is an american citizen who says he has done nothing wrong. michelle miller has more. >> i've crossed the border dozens of times. >> pascal was on a train from montreal to new york last year when his travel history raised concerns at the u.s. border. >> i lived in jordan. i've traveled to lebanon. and i've also been to yemen. >> border agents searched his belongings, seized his laptop and ordered him to log on. >> next thing i know, my laptop is being peru
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fibrosis. it was rebekah brooks, murdoch's british c.e.o., who called the browns to tell them the story was running, this according to former political aid david muir. >> they didn't know how rebekah came across this information and now that it's come to light it was obtained by what appeared to be abillegal method. >> reporter: as the revelations pile up, a police inquiry has moved into high gear. in 2007, an internal investigation at rupert murdoch's u.k. company is reported to have found clear evidence of illegal activity. but managers didn't take their findings to the police. instead, phone hacking victims who sued were paid to settle out of court. murdoch's son, james, now a director of the new york-based news corporation authorized one payment for what's said to have been more than a million dollars. >> i acted on the advice of executives and lawyers with incomplete investigation and that's a matter of real regret for me personally. >> reporter: now has damaged rupert murdoch's business, he's already lost his most profitable newspaper here in the u.k. "the news of the world" and n
, including murdoch's son james, and the former c.e.o. rebekah brooks who was arrested on the weekend. she and cameron are neighbors who travel in the same circles. today he was forced to deny he had ever invited her for a sleepover. >> i've never held a slumber party or seen her in her pajamas. >> reporter: cameron was bloodied, shall we say, in parliament today, but not broken. however this thing is far from over. his enemies expect more damaging allegations to surface when the judicial led inquiry into phone hacking gets under way. russ? >> mitchell: thank you. turns out that hacking into voice mail in the united states is pretty easy. depending on your phone carrier. bill whitaker looked into that. >> reporter: the targets of the tabloid hacking scandal include british royals, commoners and screen astars like hugh grant. >> i this think is the water shed moment,. >> reporter: but don't think it's just the scourge of the celebrated and sensational on the other side of the atlantic. your phone and my phone can be hacked. >> my ex-girlfriend found her way into my voice mail on my cell pho
: angela brooks wouldn't i will be rate. but the -- elaborate. but the indictment states that gillette tried to touch the penis and sexually assault him. >> the investigators responded to the scene right away and they were able to through their investigation, determine what happened. >> reporter: i'm ken molestina, 9news now. >> if convicted, gillette could face life in prison. >>> police are searching for a man now they say is responsible for at least five slashing attacks in fairfax county. the last attack happened monday at fair oaks mall. the suspect slashed a teenager, a girl on her rear end. another teen was attacked in a mar sham's store and yet another one in tyson's corner in mclean. >>> the man accused of killing two people in olney is now accused of attacking an inmate. 35-year-old rohan goodlett is being held now. he attacked another inmate with a sharpened toilet brush handle on july 6th. goodlett's trial date for those crimes is scheduled for november. >>> d. c. council member harry thomas is selling supporters he has no plans to resign. last week thomas agreed to repay $
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